Plaw Hatch Flock

Field to Fibre



100% of our wool is produced by the sheep of the Plaw Hatch Flock



Lleyn fleeces weigh around 2.5kg each. Quality of fleece varies greatly amongst all Lleyns and also in our flock. We have some ewes in our flock with beautiful, fine, crimpy fleeces and some with very course fleeces. This makes our yearly sort of the fleeces very important we only select the best fleeces to sell as raw fleece for spinning and to send off to be made into yarn. 

All our Lleyn fleece is worsted spun to minimise any hairiness. The quality of fleece is definitely a consideration when making choices about breeding but I am still prioritising good feet and general good health. Luckily we have some ewes with excellent health credentials and beautiful fleeces.

In 2018 we will be shearing our first homebred Lleyn x Jacob ewe lambs blending this dark wool with the white wool of the Lleyns we will be able to create a variety of different naturally coloured knitting yarns. We did previously have a batch of Lleyn wool spun with a few Jacob fleeces from a nearby organic farm and loved the results. 

Romulus the Romney ram

Romulus the Romney ram


In 2017 we bought a flock of thirty Romneys, including three black Romneys and a ram. We are very excited about the arrival of our first Romney lambs but almost as excited to shear the Romneys in late May early June. Romneys are well known for their beautiful fleeces and we can't wait to turn it into knitting wool and maybe blankets.



All of our wool is Demeter certified and organically processed by the Natural Fibre Company.