Hedgerow Dyeing - Saturday 29th September 2018

Hedgerow Dyeing - Saturday 29th September 2018


Hedgerow Dyeing

 10.30am till 5pm

Join Deborah and Gala at Plaw Hatch to create a rich, subtle range of colours on wool with plants foraged, found and cultivated on the farm. Our dyeing will take place deep in the heart of the farm in an open barn providing an opportunity to slow down and connect with the rhythm of the season.

We will spend the morning walking the land together to discover and gather dye plants from the hedgerows, fields and dye garden with an eye to improving the ecology of the land. We will also prepare the wool for dyeing. In the afternoon we will work with the plants to to dye the yarn from the Plaw Hatch Flock who graze the fields. We will aim to create a range of colours and hues depending on what plants we discover. 


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